Marti Mongiello, MBA, MA, MCFE, PHF - President & Stormy Mongiello, MBA, PHR, SHRM-CP - Youth Services Officer


Are you looking to join some kind of club or association that does little to nothing across the world? OR ARE YOU LOOKING TO ROCK, BACK AND FORTH, to become a world changer? Thank you for considering joining our 46,000 clubs across the earth to help serve the world! $160+ million awarded per year in grants with 47 million hours donated in work time by 1.4 million members in 200+ countries. Rotary Foundation is rated 100 out of 100 by Charity Navigator at 4-stars (investigate and read reports). JOIN US HERE, for world change. WATCH ALL OF OUR MEETINGS THROUGHOUT TIME HERE.

Your $3.75 donated per week (our dues are $15.00 per month, the lowest in Rotary across the earth ever offered) is an excellent investment into yourself, company, foundation, or NGO with our advertising of your logo as a sponsor on our website, during shows, on posters, and flyers. Be sure to add this powerhouse of marketing to your website, profile, and more. This promotional mechanism is well worth the $3.75 per week investment when compared to Facebook, Yelp, Pinterest, or Google advertising. On Facebook alone I have spent $26,000.00 on ads for our country inn and hundreds of thousands of dollars on other platforms for our companies and with our advertising clients. And associating yourself with Rotary International provides great prestige built on 117 years of international work. I and my wife are paying ours and I also donated $1,000.00 to become a Paul Harris Fellow. I gave this for the Ukraine humanitarian drive. I am a Paul Harris Fellow, a Polio Society member, and also donate monthly to End Polio Now. My wife, Stormy is a Polio Society member also. We have a $20.00 application fee and will bill you for your first six months at $90.00. Rotary bills all clubs six months in advance.

We encourage you to add our company to your Facebook and Linkedin (be sure to add it as part of your Experience) pages to showcase your contributions to the world and making it better with the $160 million handed out annually in grants. That's where your money goes and you rightfully can be proud to know that a small coffee (the price) is powering making the world a better place. Once you join, you'll love getting your in-print or digital magazine as well!

Consider attending any banquets, dinners, luncheons, beach or park cleanups, building of orphanages, hospital and dental clinic creations, kids gardens, planting of trees and peace poles - you can use your ID number (called an RID for Rotary ID) to enter and attend any event worldwide! And, your social media score will intensify as you lightning connect globally with our international operations, seminars, and conferences. Why, your whole social media world and web score will experience an intensimax and thrust with 1.4 million new friends! If you are a social media influencer or just want to have more clout - your new Rotarian club members lead the earth. Some of our members are busy sharing their goals, their ideas, their needs, and yes - they use Rotary to contact other clubs to give speeches about their company, their books written, and their items of primary interest to them. We want you to be successful in your speaking gigs - no matter what level you want to use Rotary for, learning, honing, or master selling!

Finally, Rotary is all about being organized and learning more and more about coordinating our Districts, Zones, and world magazines published. When you ask about Rotary University and our learning center - the answer is hundreds of classes to attend and become a graduate with a certificate. 

Please join us for fun, making an impact, and helping others! We will be sending you your first half-year bill and application fee next and please pay it expeditiously. You can also just watch, and not be seen, to comment LIVE at any of the following channels where we stream our meetings simultaneously worldwide - across eight channels:





Very respectfully,


Servant and peasant leader
President Rotary Club of Global Impact #224228
District 7680, NC, USA
301 Cleveland Avenue
Grover, NC 28073
Country Code #1.704.937.2940


And be sure to connect with our mate and Global Membership Chairperson, Marc Jarrett. Marc is the inventor of over 270 WhatsApp groups and true connector!!! If you want to advance your career, company, or sales be sure to join Rotary Club of Global Impact and connect with international kingpin, Marc Jarrett.


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