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We welcome guest speakers from around the world regularly! We are happy to showcase your NGO, company, book, music, talk, TED-style speech, and more to our 1.4 million members in 46,000 clubs. During our meetings, held every second Tuesday at 11:00 am EDT/EST, we introduce a speaker for open showcases of about 25 minutes. Our business meeting beforehand is completed after a welcome and non-denominational prayer. Our fourth Tuesday meetings are reserved for members only.

  1. Rotary Club of Global Impact is an IRS 501 (C) 4 listed non-profit organization. We do not charge people, secretly, to speak worldwide. Nor pay them.
  2. We ask you to present for about 25 minutes. We support slides, photos, and movies on YT or .ppt.
  3. Our total event time is one-hour.
  4. We stream to eight channels across the earth simultaneously on YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter via a signed contract.
  5. Our Board of Directors helps host and welcome everyone into the meeting at a GoogleMeet address and URL.
  6. Our format can either be an interview or your presentation to the world.
  7. In conjunction with our producer at the PRESENTS Streaming Television Network (www.presentsnetwork.com), we provide all reruns immediately.
  8. Review of all broadcasts for those who could not make the show is available within four seconds of the show ending.

Please email or call us (704.937.2940) at our headquarters as we welcome you and your special time with us! Thank you for helping the world. Please send us:

  • Your Linkedin Profile
  • Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter sites
  • Your website or foundation site
  • What you will speak about or present on
  • Place the name of your subject matter into the subject line of the email, please
  • Send us a camera-ready photo to utilize in advertising
  • A one-paragraph (short) summary of your presentation for global promotion
  • We will pick an open date for you, kind friend

Please email this to us at our special SPEAKERS EMAIL HERE of GuestSpeakersforRotary@NETORG190711.onmicrosoft.com. See you at 11:00 EDT/EST on your big day, and thank you for sharing your gifts with the world!



Ms. Ritu Chopra - Chairperson of Programs & Events, member Board of Directors

Doctor Pauline Crawford, Mr. Istiaque Doza, member Board of Directors

Ms. Patricia Freudenberg, and Mr. Martin CJ Mongiello, MBA, MA, MCFE, member Board of Directors