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In 2023, then President Mongiello created and awarded awards of the Iannelli Silver Salver Foundation Platter and the Jennifer Award. The criteria set for both were:


The Rotary Club of Global Impact Iannelli Silver Salver Platter award specifically recognizes work in the foundation and raising funds donated to the foundation, here are some criteria that could be considered, year to year, as originally discussed and established under then President Mongiello. The award is named after the Iannelli family:

  1. Fundraising Excellence: The recipient should have demonstrated outstanding success in raising funds for the foundation. This could include innovative fundraising strategies, effective donor engagement, and the ability to secure substantial financial support to advance the foundation's mission.

  2. Impactful Philanthropy: The recipient's efforts should have resulted in significant contributions to the foundation's financial resources. The funds raised should have made a tangible and measurable impact on the foundation's ability to carry out its work, support its initiatives, and achieve its goals.

  3. Donor Relations and Stewardship: The recipient should have established and maintained strong relationships with donors, fostering a culture of philanthropy and long-term commitment. They should have demonstrated effective donor stewardship, recognizing and appreciating donors' contributions and ensuring transparency in the use of funds.

  4. Innovation in Fundraising: The recipient should have brought innovation and creativity to their fundraising initiatives. This could include implementing new approaches, leveraging technology, exploring diverse funding sources, or developing unique campaigns or events that engage donors and attract financial support.

  5. Collaborative Partnerships: The recipient should have actively sought partnerships and collaborations to enhance fundraising efforts. This could involve engaging businesses, organizations, community groups, or other stakeholders to maximize the impact of fundraising activities and expand the foundation's reach.

  6. Ethical Fundraising Practices: The recipient should have demonstrated a commitment to ethical fundraising practices, adhering to recognized industry standards and regulations. They should have upheld principles of transparency, accountability, and responsible financial management, ensuring that donor funds are used effectively and efficiently.

Remember, these criteria are provided as a general guideline, and the specific criteria for the Rotary Club of Global Impact Iannelli Silver Salver Platter award may differ each year whilst following this criteria. Not all of these criteria need be exactingly fulfilled in relation to the foundation and fundraising work. The President shall use their good sense and may decide to establish an awards committee.


THE JENNIFER AWARD given by the Office of the Presidency in Rotary Club of Global Impact #224228, 2022/2023, Martin CJ Mongiello: 

The Jennifer Award celebrates the "Jenn" in every woman who can make it to the top - Like Jennifer Anniston, Jennifer Lopez, or Jennifer Jones. Please vote for one lady this year of my Presidency as this is a personal office award for a stellar woman. Men and women will vote from the club and Dr. Crawford has sequestered herself from consideration during the first year. Then first lady, Stormy Mongiello, was not permitted to be considered due to nepotism ethical guidelines afforded by then President Mongiello.


  1. Achievement: The award may recognize outstanding achievements in a particular field, such as science, arts, business, education, sports, or social activism. The recipient's accomplishments should demonstrate excellence and significant contributions to their respective field.

  2. Leadership: The award may focus on women who have demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities and have made a significant impact in their community, organization, or society at large. Leadership can be shown through initiatives, innovation, influence, or the ability to inspire others.

  3. Empowerment: The award may acknowledge women who have actively worked towards empowering others, particularly women and girls, by creating opportunities, advocating for equality, promoting gender diversity, or addressing social issues. The recipient's efforts should demonstrate a commitment to improving the lives of others.

  4. Overcoming adversity: Some awards may highlight women who have overcome significant challenges or adversity, such as personal hardships, discrimination, or societal barriers, to achieve success or create positive change. These individuals may serve as inspirational figures and role models for others.

  5. Impact and influence: The award may recognize women who have made a substantial impact in their field or beyond, whether through groundbreaking research, artistic creations, influential writings, policy changes, or other significant contributions. The recipient's work should have a lasting influence and inspire others in their respective domains.

  6. Collaboration and mentorship: The award may value women who actively engage in collaboration, teamwork, and mentorship to support and uplift others. The recipient's ability to foster positive relationships, share knowledge, and promote a supportive environment may be considered.

  7. Community service: The award may acknowledge women who have made significant contributions to their local or global communities through volunteer work, philanthropy, activism, or public service. The recipient's dedication to making a positive difference in society should be evident.

  8. Integrity and ethics: The award may prioritize women who exemplify strong ethical standards, integrity, and a commitment to social responsibility. The recipient's actions and behavior should align with high moral values and principles.


August 18, 2023


Rotary International
One Rotary Center
1560 Sherman Avenue
Evanston, IL 60201-3698, USA
2022-23 club presidents


Dear former 2021-23 Club President, Mongiello,

Congratulations! Your club has earned the Rotary Citation, the most significant award a Rotary club can achieve, for 2022-23. This past year, your club demonstrated a commitment to achieve its goals, which ultimately helps strengthen Rotary and shape our future.

Please find your Rotary Citation certificate in this folder. They are named by district number, then club name. I encourage you to display it proudly to celebrate your club’s achievement.

Once again, congratulations on a successful year as club president!



Jennifer Jones
2022-23 RI President

2022 Rotarian of the Year Award for Martin CJ Mongiello submitted and awarded by AG Peter Bagley and Past Governor Nico Iannelli. The 2023 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Awardee was Dr. Desziree Richardson. She is the first-ever DEI Chairperson to serve in any Rotary Club in the world on the Board of Directors as a requirement of the by-laws registered and on file with Rotary International. Dr. Richardson is shown here (right) meeting with the first-ever female president of Rotary International, Jennifer Jones (left) of Canada at the NEC in Birmingham, England during the Rotary Village and keynote speech held for the Volunteer Expo LIVE! convention.